Women’s handicrafts exhibition held in Samangan

Bawar Media CenterApril 11, 2021120

An exhibition to present the handicrafts of Samangan women was held by Tahmina Amusement Park in cooperation with Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.
Samangan Governor Mohammad Dawood Kalakani, who attended the opening of the exhibition, visited women’s handicrafts booth and declared his support for such programs.
One of the organizers of the fair, Maria Azimi, stated the exposition was aimed at promoting domestic products and women’s crafts. Citizens boldly participated in the event and bought handicrafts, she added.
Meanwhile, businesswomen who sold their handiworks in the program said the government should help them market their products.
Lack of market, government support and opportunities for capacity building are the main challenges for businesswomen in Samangan.
Samangan women’s handicrafts exhibition is the first program to support entrepreneurs in the province, which will continue for two more days in Tahmina Park.
Reporter: Shamsuddin Mirzaei

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