Mazar-e-Sharif residents concerned over rising food prices

Bawar Media CenterApril 12, 2021235

Although food prices in Afghan markets rise every year, but according to Mazar-e-Sharif residents with the arrival of Ramadan prices have increased unprecedentedly this year.
These residents link the rise in food prices to government’s lack of oversight of markets, saying venders should not violate justice during the month of Ramadan.
On the other hand, shopkeepers say that with the arrival of Ramadan, demand for groceries grows and traders use the opportunity to increase prices.
“If we buy items at high prices, we will sell them at higher prices,” shopkeepers added.
In the meantime, Khairuddin Mayel, Deputy Head of Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Investment stated that rising food prices, especially that of oil, was linked to prices in world markets, declining domestic economy and rising demand for food items during Ramadan.
But Mazar-e-Sharif Mayor Ahmad Tawfiq Amini considered the surge in food prices in the city’s markets to be temporary and announced a plan to monitor urban markets.
It is worth mentioning that every year, with the arrival of Ramadan, prices of foodstuffs rise in Afghanistan’s markets.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon

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