Sericulture; popular job for rural women in Jowzjan

Bawar Media CenterApril 19, 2021123

Sericulture is one of the most common industries among women in Jowzjan province, where 200 women are engaged in the business.
Fakhrullah Halimzai, Head of Livestock and Animal Health Services at Jowzjan Department of Agriculture and Livestock, said that last year they distributed 75 boxes of 12 grams of cocoon eggs to women, who produced 750 kg silkworms and won the first place in the country.
Women who are in sericulture business can earn about AFN 7,000 in two months, according to Halimzai.
He calls on partner institutions and the private sector to do their best and support women in silk farming.
Silkworm is a useful insect that produces silk thread; a product that has a special place in carpet and textile industries and creates many jobs, attracting the attention of people especially rural women in Jowzjan.
Reporter: Farida Amini Nazari

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