Families of security forces’ martyrs complain over lack of privileges

Bawar Media CenterApril 20, 2021117

A number of families of security forces’ martyrs say they have not received the residential plots promised to them by the Ministry of Defense for years.
Abdul Hadi, a family member of security forces’ martyrs, said he had lost his 18-year-old son defending the country and the Ministry of Defense had promised him a residential plot, but local officials did not pay attention.
Ahmad Khalid, another inhabitant of Samangan, expressed dissatisfaction with untimely payment of benefits to the survivors of security forces’ martyrs, saying that prices had risen during Ramadan and that officials were using electronic ID cards as an excuse.
In the meantime, Ahmad Jawad Omari, Director at Martyrs and Disabled Affairs Department in Samangan, maintains that heirs of martyrs must first obtain electronic ID cards and then their benefits will be paid.
However, a representative from the Ministry of Defense, who arrived in Samangan, stated that the ministry would distribute residential plots to the families of martyrs very soon.
Survivors of martyrs are criticizing the lack of government support at a time that food prices have soared in Ramadan and many families are in grim economic states.
Reporter: Shamsuddin Mirzaei

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