Woman in Jowzjan earns a living through bag sewing

Bawar Media CenterApril 21, 202159

A woman in Jowzjan province earns a living for her 8-member family through bag sewing and wants peace in the country.
Zohra is a mother of seven. She patiently sews bags in different colors and says that two years ago she enrolled in training courses launched by ACTED and can now feed her family by selling her handmade bags.
Zohra makes four hundred bags in a month and profits fifty to sixty Afghanis from each one, earning twenty to thirty thousand Afghanis per month.
She calls on the warring parties to renounce war and work together for peace.
Meanwhile, Amanullah Amin, Head of ACTED office in Jowzjan, states that in the past two years, they have taught bag sewing to 36 poor women in nine-month training courses. Women who choose a profession will reach economic independence, according to Amin.
Eighteen women are currently enrolled in bag sewing training program, which is scheduled to end in four months.
Reporter: Farida Amini Nazari

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