Baghlan scholars support International Union of Islamic Scholars’ resolution

Bawar Media CenterApril 24, 202147

In a gathering Thursday morning, dozens of religious scholars in Baghlan province declared support for the resolution of International Union of Islamic Scholars, calling on the warring parties to renounce violence and accept ceasefire in honor of Ramadan.
“War has negative consequences. Taliban must stop using violence against civilians and the group should attend the Istanbul summit,” said Mawlawi Naqibullah Sajjad, Head of Hajj and Religious Affairs Department of Baghlan.
“The continuation of the war and the killing of civilians is not permissible from the Islamic point of view.”
In the congregation, Mawlawi Sardar Wali, another Baghlan cleric, said that ongoing violence had led to an increase in civilian casualties, the destruction of infrastructure and slow development in the country. Sides involved in the conflict should reach an agreement at the Istanbul summit to put an end to bloodshed in the country, he added.
Mawlawi Mohammad Azam, another participant in the gathering, stated that Islam emphasized on making peace and that the warring parties should respect the will of Islam and the people and make peace.
The International Union of Islamic Scholars recently issued a resolution announcing the continuation of the war in Afghanistan illegitimate and called for a ceasefire during Ramadan.

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