Lalazar-e Sarepul; literary gathering to promote cultural assets, peace

Bawar Media CenterApril 24, 202145

A poetry event called “Lalazar-e Sarepul” was organized by Information and Culture Department of Sarepul with the participation of poets and writers.
“The purpose of the gathering, which has been launched to declare support for the peace process, is to introduce Sarepul’s cultural resources,” said Bashir Ahmad Haqjo, Head of province’s culture department in a statement to Bawar.
Abdul Malik Azimi, Deputy Governor of Sarepul, who was present at the event, promised to support poets and stressed on continuation of such cultural and literary circles.
Inayatullah Musamim, a member of Sarepul Provincial Council, praised the poets and criticized the local government, saying authorities did not support writers and did not create the right conditions for the enrichment of culture and literature.
At this year’s Lalazar gathering in Sarepul, like previous years, epic poems and writings describing culture of the province were presented and everyone hoped that such programs would bring people closer to peace.
Reporter: Mohammad Younus Naimi

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