Criticisms over lack of access to textbooks in Badakhshan

Bawar Media CenterApril 25, 202158

Educators and students at many schools in Badakhshan say their access to textbooks is less than 10 percent, and many students go through the educational process without books.
Although two months have passed since the start of educational year, the Ministry of Education has not yet provided new textbooks to public schools, and all students in Badakhshan are either facing book shortages or not having access to books at all, according to them.
Mohammad Ibrahim, principal of Zainuddin Shahid High School in Shohada district, said the lack of textbooks had caused serious problems for all schools, especially the one under his administration.
Officials of Education Department in Badakhshan also confirmed the problem, adding the issue belonged to the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan and would soon be resolved.
Rohullah Mohaqiq, the Head of Education Department in Badakhshan, stated that they had shared the problem with the Ministry of Education and were assured by the ministry that the problem would be resolved this year.
After changes in the curriculum, textbooks should have been published and distributed to students last year, but as it can be seen, the ministry has not yet printed new textbooks.
Officials of the Ministry of Education have maintained that the textbook printing contract process has been finalized and they will soon be published and made available to students.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihon

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