Strawberry yields increase in Balkh

Bawar Media CenterApril 26, 2021189

Officials of Agriculture Department in Balkh have reported a rise in the yields of strawberry, saying that due to the favorable weather, strawberry in Balkh has yielded good results and therefore its cultivation has become more common in the province.
“Strawberry farming has grown significantly in the past five years,” said Mohammad Salem Saei, Head of Agriculture Department in Balkh.
100 acres of land are currently allocated for strawberry cultivation, with every acre producing up to 150 kg strawberries every other day, based on stats at the province’s agriculture department. In addition to Balkh, the fruit is also sold in neighboring provinces, according to Saei.
Shakiba Fayz, Director of Strawberry Farming Women’s Association, says that women are more interested in growing strawberries than men, and thus earn a good income and take an active part in their families’ economy.
Each 300 to 600-gram package of strawberries sells at AFN 100 to 200, according to farmers.
It is noteworthy that according to officials at agriculture department of Balkh, in the near future, strawberries will be exported from Balkh province to neighboring countries.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon

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