Efforts initiate to re-open highway connecting Badakhshan to its border districts

Bawar Media CenterApril 27, 202143

Local officials in Badakhshan say work has begun on re-opening the highway that connects the province’s capital to its border districts, which has been closed for six months.
Akhtar Mohammad Khairzada, Deputy Governor of Badakhshan, said that “Kotal Aghrada” is an alternative route to Warduj district for residents of Ishkashim, Sheghnan, Zibak and 5 Darwaz districts, which stays closed for up to 6 months due to heavy snowstorms.
The local government has started the re-opening of the transportation route and is striving round the clock to open it in the coming days, according to Khairzada.
Residents of border districts of Badakhshan say the presence of the Taliban in Warduj district has made it impossible for them to travel to their areas through this district and they prefer to take “Kotal Aghrada” highway in Shohada district, one of the most difficult roads to travel.
Meanwhile, a large number of Badakhshan border residents, due to the closure and remoteness of transportation routes to the city of Faizabad, the capital of the province, fulfilled a large part of their food and treatment needs through Tajikistan soil, which has been closed since one year following coronavirus outbreak and the imposition of border restrictions.
Officials say the local government has plans to solve the problems of the residents of border districts in accessing standard transportation routes and will implement them.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihon

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