Dozens of women in Samangan make a living through mushroom cultivation

Bawar Media CenterApril 29, 202143

Samangan’s Agriculture Department told Bawar that dozens of women make a living by producing mushrooms.
Najibullah Joya, Head of Cultivation Promotion branch at Agriculture Department of Samangan, says that with the cooperation of partner institutions, at least 30 women have been provided with all the equipment for cultivating mushrooms, which has been very effective in creating jobs for them.
“In addition to containing protein, mushrooms contain a variety of vitamins, and women can consume them as well as sell them in the market,” said Joya.
Women who cultivate the fungi thank provincial agriculture department for teaching them how to grow and produce mushrooms. These women also call on the government to provide job opportunities for women by launching educational programs.
This comes at a time that around 3,000 women in Samangan are currently working in various agricultural sections.
Reporter: Shamsuddin Mirzaei

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