Wheat distribution begins in “Food for work” project

Bawar Media CenterApril 29, 202125

The process of distributing 80 tons of wheat began for about 3,600 people who had cleared the Pul-e Khumri Baladori canal in the “Food for work” project.
Zabihullah Ehsas, Deputy Governor of Baghlan, said while distributing wheat to the beneficiaries that in addition to cleaning the canal from garbage, jobs were created for 3,600 people by the government.
The government is working to reduce unemployment and poverty and create job opportunities for needy families through such programs, Ehsas added.
At the same time, Asifullah Rahimi, Head of River Basin Department in Baghlan, stated that thousands of acres of land had been watered after the cleaning of the canal, and called on all families living along the canal to refrain from dumping rubbish into it.
A number of workers who were employed in the project say the donations they received will solve some of their economic problems.
Baladori canal in Pul-e Khumri is one of the most important waterways in Baghlan, which plays a key role in the irrigation of agricultural lands, and it was cleared of trash after several years.

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