2 tons of expired foodstuffs, beverages gathered in Samangan

Bawar Media CenterMay 3, 202132

Officials of Samangan Public Health Department have reported the collection of expired foodstuffs and substandard non-alcoholic beverages.
Dr. Abdul Khalil Rasouli, Head of Environmental Health Committee at Samangan Public Health Department, told Bawar that they have collected more than 2 tons of substandard food and non-alcoholic beverages from shops in Aybak, which will soon be burned.
“This was done in cooperation with food sales evaluation committee and violating shopkeepers were fined,” said Rasouli.
On the other hand, residents of Samangan thanked the provincial Public Health Department for its efforts, adding that the sellers of outdated foodstuffs must be dealt with legally and the sales of such products, which can lead to health complications, should be prevented.
Public Health Department announced the collection of poor quality foodstuffs in the center of Samangan while food sales evaluation committees will be formed in the province’s districts soon.
Reporter: Shamsuddin Mirzaei

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