Concerns over closure of local media outlets in Badakhshan

Bawar Media CenterMay 3, 2021114

A number of journalists and media outlets in Badakhshan have expressed concern about the growing closure of local media outlets, saying as insecurity has increased and financial support has been cut off, local media are in danger of collapsing.
“In the past three years, out of a total of 30 active print media, more than 25 have stopped publishing due to lack of financial support,” said Abdul Basir Haqjoo, Chairman of Badakhshan Journalists’ Council.
Arash Raofi, a local journalist, says that local media are unable to pay their staff due to lack of access to monetary sources, causing a decline in journalists’ interest in working for media.
Naqibullah Saqibyar, Badakhshan’s Director of Information and Culture confirmed the state of the media in the province, adding his administration had shared issues faced by provincial media with the Ministry of Information and Culture, donors and the local government to prevent the cessation of media activities.
Media officials in Badakhshan maintain that in addition to the shutdown of Bazgul, Hamsada and Sada-e Ghazian radio stations, 25 other print media outlets have completely halted their activities.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihon

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