Balkh Mediothek celebrates May 3, World Press Freedom Day

Bawar Media CenterMay 4, 202126

Mohammad Saber Naqshbandi, Coordinator at Balkh Mediothek, described media as the lungs of human societies, saying “lack of free media in the contemporary world would suffocate human beings.”
‘In the current situation and ongoing peace talks, it is expected that press freedom in Afghanistan would not change’, he added.
Mati-ur-Rahman Karimi, Director of Balkh Information and Culture Department, defined freedom of expression and media as Afghanistan’s gains over the past two decades, stressing that efforts are underway to provide journalists with easy access to information in Balkh province and that legal action will be taken against government agencies that refrain from providing facts to the media.
“In the past six months, nearly 1,000 journalists, including 300 women, have resigned or left Afghanistan for different reasons,” said Mohammad Bashir Ansari, Head of Afghan Journalists’ Safety Committee in the North. “Of these, 79 journalists have lost their jobs in Balkh, 59 in Jowzjan, 38 in Faryab and 8 in Samangan.”
Ansari emphasized that insecurity and targeted killings have led to self-censorship in the country’s media outlets, and that the withdrawal of foreign troops has raised journalists’ fears about the future of Afghanistan.
World Press Freedom Day was celebrated at a time when a large number of media outlets in Afghanistan have been shut down due to economic issues.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon

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