Balkh reporters condemn assassination of Nemat Rawan

Bawar Media CenterMay 9, 202172

Officials from Information and Culture Department and journalists’ rights organizations in Balkh condemned the killing of Nematullah Rawan at a rally yesterday. They warned that the continuation of such violence against journalists and media activists would restrict freedom of expression in the country, and called on the government to ensure the safety of journalists.
Mati-ur-Rahman Karimi, Director of Information and Culture Department in Balkh, denounced the killings of journalists and called on the government to follow up their cases.
Mohammad Bashir Ansari, Head of Afghan Journalists Safety Committee in the North, described attacks on the media as worrying, saying that 12 journalists had been killed in Afghanistan since late 2020.
The Afghan press has suffered a setback in the past six months, during which 1,000 journalists and media employees have resigned due to insecurity, targeted killings and economic hardships, of which 300 are women and 43 other journalists have fled Afghanistan for security reasons, according to Ansari.
Meanwhile, Balkh reporters have accused the government of failing to provide security for journalists, maintaining that an increase in the number of journalists’ assassinations is a sign of inefficiency of government officials. These journalists emphasize that terrorists cannot suffocate freedom of expression by killing reporters.
In the past two days, journalists’ advocacy groups, including Freedom of Expression House, Nai Office and Afghan Journalists Safety Committee have strongly decried the assassination of Nematullah Rawan.
Nematullah Rawan, a former Tolo News presenter and spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Finance, was assassinated in Kandahar three days ago.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon


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