Eid security measures adopted in Baghlan

Bawar Media CenterMay 9, 202187

Joint Afghan security forces have announced security measures for Eid al-Fitr in Baghlan province.
Baghlan police spokesman Ahmad Jawid Basharat said measures had been taken in the centers of districts and on the public highway to allow people to celebrate Eid peacefully.
‘Recently, the enemies of the people have carried out large-scale attacks on the public highway and a number of districts in Baghlan, which were repelled with the cooperation of people, and the situation is now under the control of Afghan security forces,’ said Basharat.
Besharat assured the public that security forces were working to ensure their safety and urged them to cooperate with the police if they observed suspicious activity in order to prevent harmful incidents.
Security forces stationed in Baghlan also reassured the people that they would protect their lives and property to the last drop of blood so that provincial residents celebrate Eid in a safe atmosphere.
Baghlan residents emphasize that every member of society should play their role in maintaining security and continue their collaboration with security forces.
Afghan security forces have announced Eid al-Fitr security measures as hundreds of Baghlan residents have taken arms to defend their areas and support Afghan troops against the enemy.

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