End of Ramadan Futsal Cup to welcome the peace process in Sarepul

Bawar Media CenterMay 18, 2021132

Youth Ramadan Futsal Cup in Sarepul, which was launched with the support of Bawar Media Center, ended yesterday evening with the victory of Minhaj Siraj Youth Futsal Team.
Samim Kakar, Head of Sarepul Innovative Youth Civil Organization, said the tournament was launched to mobilize youth in support of the peace process under the name of Ramadan Cup with the support of Bawar Media Center, featuring top six youth futsal teams in the province. In the final of the competition, Minhaj Siraj Youth Futsal Team defeated Imamzada Yahya Team 4-0.
Zabihullah Amani, spokesman to Sarepul Governor, who had participated in the final match of the cup, appreciated Bawar Media Center’s assistance to the youth of Sarepul, and emphasized on continuation of such sports events.
A number of athletes also hailed the launch of the competition, wishing for lasting peace in the country.
Bawar Media Center had previously launched a women’s handball tournament in Sarepul.
Reporter: Mohammad Younus Naimi

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