New deputy commander introduced for 209th Shaheen Corps

Bawar Media CenterMay 18, 202181

Col. Sayed Sadullah Hashemi was introduced as the new deputy commander of 209th Shaheen Corps, replacing Brig. Gen. Abbas Tawakoli, in a ceremony attended by local and military officials of Balkh.
Maj. Gen. Ghulam Mustafa Wardak, Commander of Shaheen Corps, while congratulating his new deputy, said the members and soldiers of the corps were ready to defend their area of responsibility and suppress the enemy.
Gen. Wardak emphasized that they would strongly defend the rights of the people and the republic, which is the only wish of the Afghan people.
Meanwhile, local officials in Balkh province, at the introduction ceremony of the new deputy commander of 209th Corps, stressed on greater coordination between defense and security forces and praised the recent achievements of these forces.
Col. Sayed Sadullah, pledged to fight “shoulder to shoulder” with Afghan soldiers in the battlefields.
It is noteworthy that Col. Hashemi previously served as operations commander of 209th Corps.


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