Balkh Provincial Council: If electricity prices are not reduced, we will cut off Kabul power

Bawar Media CenterMay 24, 2021221

Members of parliament, civil activists and Balkh Energy Advocacy Group discussed reduction of electricity prices in the presence of officials from Energy Regulatory Authority.
Balkh electricity advocates emphasized in the meeting that they will not pay their bills as long as electricity prices are not equalized, and they will even set up protest tents and close the door of Balkh Breshna.
They have raised the issue with officials many times, but despite many promises, no action has yet been taken, according to the advocates.
Meanwhile, Balkh MPs said they were with the people and stressed that the cost of electricity in Balkh should be the same as in neighboring provinces. They claimed that Breshna is unable to get energy charges from the homes of government officials and their offices.
Gul Rahman Hamdard, a Balkh MP, accused the central government of discriminating against Balkh residents, and called on the Energy Regulatory Authority not to “deceive people anymore” and to take the matter seriously and address it as soon as possible.
On the other hand, Mohammad Afzal Hadid, Chairman of Balkh Provincial Council, warned that if the problem is not addressed, the electricity supply to Kabul, which goes through Mazar-e-Sharif, will be cut off.
Officials from Afghanistan Energy Regulatory Authority say they have debated Balkh citizens’ demands with Afghan parliament and their issues will be addressed.
Reza Haidari, senior adviser to Energy Regulatory Authority, said a plan to standardize electricity prices is under way in all provinces.
A kilowatt of electricity in Balkh costs AFN 6.25, while in most provinces the price per kilowatt of electricity is much lower.
Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon

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