People asked to support Afghan forces amid security fears

Bawar Media CenterMay 24, 2021168

Members of Sarepul Provincial Council and civil activists in the province expressed concerns over security situation and called on the central government to pay serious attention to the matter.
In addition to voicing his worries, Mohammad Noor Rahmani, Chairman of Sarepul Provincial Council, in a press conference, called on the central government, especially the security sector, to take thoughtful measures to control the situation and respond to people’s worries. He also pledged to support Afghan defense and security forces more than ever.
The head and a number of members of civil society in Sarepul also articulated their fears about deteriorating security and called on the people to stand by the government, support their security forces and work with them to ensure better security.
Meanwhile, Zabihullah Amani, Spokesman for Sarepul Governor, while acknowledging the concerns, assured the people that security forces could independently defend and protect them, and requested for more public cooperation.
According to security officials in Sarepul, armed insurgents attacked on provincial capital and the centers of Sayad, Suzma Qala, Gosfandi districts and on security outposts on Sarepul-Jowzjan and Sarepul-Suzma Qala highways last night, which were repulsed by security forces.
Reporter: Mohammad Younus Naimi

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