Promotion of horticultural in Badakhshan

Bawar Media CenterMay 24, 202164

Officials of Badakhshan’s Department of Agriculture say that in recent years, as a result of their efforts, in cooperation with national and international institutions and the training of gardeners, horticulture has grown significantly in the province.
In addition to the gardens built by farmers, thousands of orchards have been built in recent years with the help of donors and local people in different parts of Badakhshan, according to officials in the province.
Nasir Ahmad Ahmadi, Head of Agricultural Affairs Branch at Agriculture Department of Badakhshan, stated that in recent years, more than 10,000 gardens have been established in the province following efforts of provincial agriculture department in cooperation with institutions.
According to him, although their gardening project has been completed for a year now, but people are interested in making their own gardens using their own facilities and hundreds of gardens are created by local people in the districts of the province every year.
A number of Badakhshan farmers and gardeners who have been buying fruit trees from local farms for years, have created new gardens that they say have been able to boost their families’ economies in addition to meeting local market’s fruit demands.
Najibullah is a gardener in Badakhshan who has been growing fruit trees for 10 years and sells thousands of fruit seedlings annually to governmental and non-governmental organizations.
According to him, his initiative in creating fruit gardens has reduced the dependence of local people on imported seedlings.
Officials in Badakhshan state that they are working to train gardeners on new horticultural systems and to work together to develop new horticultural norms, create good markets, store houses and cold storages to further promote horticulture.
Reporter: Samiullah Saihon

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