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CEO Message

I am pleased to announce the strategic management plan of Bawar Media Center to our entire team, partners, organizations, members of institutions and all our stakeholders.
This is in effect from the fiscal year 2021 onward to 2025 as our core principle for our future prospect and sustainable media business.
For more than a decade and a half we have been a leading media center with forward-thinking strategy in providing media services using our mass media capabilities in the North of Afghanistan.

Following the history of our diverse media services in the North of Afghanistan, we are now starting our next chapter driven by our organizational goals to create a unified culture that is focused on public awareness, entertaining and inspiration of our audience.
Our strategic goal is that the outcome of our services as a media organization ensures common sense of knowledge for individuals and creates a positive change in their lives.
We are responsible for driving our business forward with the goal of creating engagement among different important players in society with focus on the interests of our Bawar Media Center, Afghan media law, Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, people and our customers.
We have been an active part of the recent development in supporting democracy, freedom of expression, women’s role in government and security forces, youths, education and progress since 2003 in the North of Afghanistan.
Today, we are living in a rapidly changing environment and media has been one of the unique tools, which contributes in emerging all these opportunities and successes.
Our strategic plan has been created with the intention to measure every success and use every possible opportunity for a sustainable media business.
As a media center, we have changed to the core of power in communication and engagement of youths, women, civil society and Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in order to contribute to the sustainability process of Afghanistan.
We do all our best in ensuring the highest quality of media services to all our customers in order to reach one of our top priorities in our business.
Our diversity, skills, professionalism, product quality and highly motivated journalists with 26% female contribution are our core values and clear example of our accountability.
We are looking forward to be firmly engaged with our new customers, stakeholders and counterparts in the business era.
I appreciate the entire team of Bawar Media Center and our counterparts for their contribution and dedication in making things possible.


“A media center to inspire Afghan lives for positive change”

The vision of BMC consists of three main focus areas I) a complete media center which is able to provide cross-media services including radio, video, social media, print media and other media related services, ii) inspiring Afghan lives reflects our determination to inspire Afghans through informing and entertainment so that we can contribute towards the prosperity of the country, and iii) positive change is providing a direction towards growth, social justice and prosperity.


“To become a leading media center dedicated to inform, educate and entertain our audience by using diverse and innovative cross media platforms”

The BMC mission is to become a leading and innovative cross-media center which provides fast and reliable information to its audience. It strives to educate its audience in order to assist them grow, flourish and contribute positively towards prosperity. We will keep entertaining our audience in order to minimize their sorrows and think positively. All these will be achieved through diverse and innovative media services.


Our values are our guiding principle and all the staff members of BMC abide by the values and they are considered one of the key performance indicators. Our values are unique in the media market and we will remain committed to them. Our core values include but are not limited to the following:


BMC is a professional media center dedicated towards provision of innovative, quality and fast media services to our clients. We are committed to a professional working environment, professional staff and proficient communication to be highly effective in the fast-moving media business in the market.


We are an ethical organization and consider ethical values in all our working procedures and communication with others. We will prepare standard ethical policy and procedures.


We are making sure that we are reliable and responsible for our services and products and broadcast materials through radios/TV. We also collect information from reliable sources.

Our partners

Bawar Media Center has signed memorandum of understanding for mutual cooperation with Information and Culture Department of Balkh province, Balkh University and Mawlana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi International Airport.

Quality innovative and creativity

No compromise on quality is our motto. The services we provide are of highest quality, innovative, creative and fast to address the demands of our customers. We make bold steps in making great innovative ideas and take measures to improve our products and services.

Impartiality, indiscrimination and equality

Impartiality, indiscrimination and equality are the basis of our beliefs and values. We ask our staff and stakeholders to think holistically and not compromise these important values. We put our national interests first.
On equality-based approach we will make sure to observe gender equality in our working environment.


Shirshah Amiri


IT Officer

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About Us

BMC is a professional media center dedicated towards provision of innovative, quality and fast media services to our clients. We are committed to a professional work environment, professional staff and professional communication to be highly effective in the fast-moving media business in market.