Bawar Media CenterMay 24, 2021223
Members of parliament, civil activists and Balkh Energy Advocacy Group discussed reduction of electricity prices in the presence of officials from Energy Regulatory Authority. Balkh electricity advocates emphasized in the meeting that they will not pay their bills as long as electricity prices are not equalized, and they will even set up protest tents and […]

Bawar Media CenterMay 24, 2021127
Officials of Badakhshan’s Department of Agriculture say that in recent years, as a result of their efforts, in cooperation with national and international institutions and the training of gardeners, horticulture has grown significantly in the province. In addition to the gardens built by farmers, thousands of orchards have been built in recent years with the […]

Bawar Media CenterMay 23, 2021115
National Water Affairs Regulation Authority (NWARA) put two USAID funded water canals to use in Shulgara district of Balkh province. Esmatullah, head of North River Basin Department, said they had rehabilitated two water canals under the names “Baghe Pahlawan and Shah Gadai” in Balkh’s Shulgara district. Each of the canals irrigates more than 700 hectares […]

Bawar Media CenterMay 18, 2021127
Officials at Badakhshan’s Public Health Department say the local administration of the province, in cooperation with National Procurement Authority, has purchased 10 ambulances and transferred them to the province to improve health services. Badakhshan’s Public Health Director Dr. Noor Khawari said the ambulances had been procured from Covid budget after needs assessment at a cost […]

Bawar Media CenterMay 16, 2021200
Residents of Jowzjan have welcomed the creation of first family park in the province. Kamaluddin Noori, Director General of Technical and Sectoral Services at Sheberghan Municipality, said the park covered an area of 5 acres, previously built by Regional Afghan Municipalities Program for Urban Populations for AFN 120,000 and leased to the private sector. With […]

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