Bawar Media CenterMay 24, 2021127
Officials of Badakhshan’s Department of Agriculture say that in recent years, as a result of their efforts, in cooperation with national and international institutions and the training of gardeners, horticulture has grown significantly in the province. In addition to the gardens built by farmers, thousands of orchards have been built in recent years with the […]

Bawar Media CenterApril 26, 2021189
Officials of Agriculture Department in Balkh have reported a rise in the yields of strawberry, saying that due to the favorable weather, strawberry in Balkh has yielded good results and therefore its cultivation has become more common in the province. “Strawberry farming has grown significantly in the past five years,” said Mohammad Salem Saei, Head […]

Bawar Media CenterApril 22, 2021203
Officials of sub-river basins in Badakhshan say they have recently installed five cabled devices along with 30 snow and water detectors above Amu and Kokcha rivers in the province to determine water flow and water resources capacity. According to them, the new devices can be used to warn farmers of water shortages and overflows, adjust […]

Bawar Media CenterMarch 10, 2021179
The National Day of Planting was celebrated with the slogan “Seedlings of Peace and Greenery” in presence of local officials in Sarepul province. “We provided more than 50 thousand saplings for planting in this province, as well as distributed pesticides to 100 grape-growers,” Asadullah Shayeq, Head of Agriculture and Livestock Department in Sarepul said. Qurban […]

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 8, 2021205
Planting campaign started this morning in Balkh province with the slogan “The plant of peace and greenery” by provincial departments of Agriculture, Environment and Mazar-e Sharif Municipality. Rahmatullah Zahid, head of Environment Department, said they have planned to plant more than 80,000 trees in Balkh province next year. But Mohammad Salem Saei, head of Agriculture […]

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