Bawar Media CenterApril 29, 202144
Samangan’s Agriculture Department told Bawar that dozens of women make a living by producing mushrooms. Najibullah Joya, Head of Cultivation Promotion branch at Agriculture Department of Samangan, says that with the cooperation of partner institutions, at least 30 women have been provided with all the equipment for cultivating mushrooms, which has been very effective in […]

Bawar Media CenterApril 11, 202171
An exhibition to present the handicrafts of Samangan women was held by Tahmina Amusement Park in cooperation with Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. Samangan Governor Mohammad Dawood Kalakani, who attended the opening of the exhibition, visited women’s handicrafts booth and declared his support for such programs. One of the organizers of the fair, Maria Azimi, stated […]

Bawar Media CenterMarch 28, 2021126
Balkh Breshna officials held a press conference following provincial citizens’ complaints over high electricity prices, saying they had handed over the responsibility of equalizing electricity charges to Energy Affairs Administration and that changing the tariffs was not within Breshna’s capability. “Objecting is the right of citizens, but Balkh electricity appellants have asked people in mosques […]

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