Bawar Media CenterFebruary 28, 202123
One thousand families of returnees and internally displaced persons in Badakhshan received financial assistance from the Ministry of Refugees. The total amount of cash assistance to the families was AFN 15 million, with every family receiving AFN 15,000, officials at Badakhshan Refugees Department said. Abdul Wahid Taebi, Head of Refugees and Repatriations Department in the […]

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 22, 202146
An open dialogue was held between the government and civil society to resolve problems in Jowzjan province. The meeting was attended by a number of government officials, civil activists, journalists and representatives of Sheberghan. Governor of Jowzjan, Mohammad Hashim Rais, said the aim of the dialogue was to strengthen mechanisms for participation and coordination between […]

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 21, 202138
Wildlife Conservation Society has launched a program with the participation of environmental officials, religious scholars, youth, students and civil activists of northeastern provinces in Faizabad, capital of Badakhshan, to revise national wildlife conservation strategy, in which public views and opinions will be collected on preventing wildlife hunting and extinction. According to officials, involving people in […]

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 17, 202137
Women’s affairs officials say the lack of workplace nurseries and kindergartens is one of the main problems for female employees in government offices of Badakhshan, and they have repeatedly shared the issue with local government and related institutions. Alina Gheyasi, head of Women’s Affairs Department in the province, says that workplace nurseries and kindergartens are […]

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 13, 202154
Women’s Affairs officials in Badakhshan say the rate of violence against women in the province has risen sharply compared to previous years, with statistics showing unmatched levels. “Based on monitoring and surveys conducted by Women’s Affairs Department and other organizations defending women’s rights, 325 cases of violence against women were recorded this year compared to […]

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 13, 202137
Balkh’s Department of Information and Culture celebrated 13th February, World Radio Day in presence of local authorities, media officials and journalists. Mati-ur Rahman Karimi, head of culture department in Balkh, says that radio has a special place and can be easily accessed in the villages, and that radio helps raise the voice of deprived and […]

Bawar Media CenterFebruary 13, 202133
A number of women held a one-day exhibition of handicrafts and paintings under the title “Anari” in Mazar-e Sharif city, capital of Balkh province. The exhibition which was organized by Anari Art Gallery in coordination with Information and Culture Department of Balkh, featured women’s handicrafts and paintings in 13 stalls. Nazanin Ferdows Rahimi, curator of […]

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